Saturday, 26 March 2011

So excited!

OK, so I really need to get better at updating my blog!

I thought I would update you all today on how things have progressed with my soaps...

After unmoulding the batch I showed you all I waited for the minimum 4 weeks (couldn't quiet be patient for 6 weeks) and have been really pleased with the results! I was so happy - they lather great and I feel they leave my skin much softer afterwards!

I have now decided to go and get my recipe checked by a lab to have it certified to meet the EU regs.  The company I have found seem very helpful and I can have my base recipe checked and then get them to add essential oils to my certificate as and when I am ready and happy with the tester results... So to start with I have decided to do 1 or 2 variations with essential oils and then the plain one which personally is my favorite!  I am e-mailing the details today (scary and exciting) and then in a couple of weeks I should have my certificate to be able to start making batches to sell to lots of lovely people! So hopefully in 8 weeks (so June time) I will start uploading soaps to sell! I am really pleased with this as I gave myself until October to be up and running so really chuffed that it should be sooner!

Now for the cheeky moment - if any of you would like to be notified when they come on sale, please let me know and I shall send you a little message...

From a very very excited Gem!

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  1. well you can notify me when you are ready, love the idea of a luxury soap with no perfume