Monday, 22 November 2010

Why do I do these things...

OK - so clever me decided that as my front room had been annoying me for quiet some time (not decorated it since we bought the place 5 and a half years ago) I had enough and last sunday decided it would be a great idea to rip all of the wallpaper off!  What was I thinking! and this close to Christmas!

Anyways I have a lovely victorian home.  The downfall of which decorating is never an easy task!  The previous owners kindly decided to put artex on the wall with the chimney... took hubby a week to scrape it off one alcove!  We knew we would have to have the walls skimmed, but when we took the fake wall in front of the fireplace off - yes you heard correct - a fake wall to make the room smaller! - there was nothing but the whole from the original fireplace (maybe one day someone who owns the house after us will open it up and make it pretty again!) and the surrounding red brick covered in chunks of concrete! -  More than just a quick skim! Friends to the rescue! one recommended a plasterer they used before who magically we phoned on Friday and today came and gave us a gorgeous flat wall! 

Now just to do the woodwork, lining paper, painting and rest of papering and I may well have a very pretty room ready in time for Crimbo! Wish us luck!

Sunday, 14 November 2010


My logo is now complete!

It is so very me! I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Aleximo Croissant at who has created a wonderful design for me... I can't wait to get printing now and playing with my labelling...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Blimey, I can't belive how long its been since I set up my blog... I really should have added updates by now, so I shall do it now!

I have been very busy since I first started on here... following my passion of soap making!

My mum first got me hooked when we went looking at Hobby Craft for a present for me from her and dad.  We found a melt and pour soap set, where basically you have the base pre made and add the extras you would like. I have really enjoyin make lots of different shapes, smells and colours from cupcakes to hearts.  However, once I was hooked I wanted to have a go at making the whole thing from sratch!

So six weeks ago I went on a fab workshop where we made cold process soap from scratch... I had so much fun and couldn't wait to get home and start getting creative with it all.

Since then I have made three different types including beer soap... blimey did it stink the house out! 

Here are some I have made (excuse the background of the pic - I was just playing!)

The top one is orange, grapefruit and rosehip flowers, the middle is just the oils - sunflower, olive and coconut and the bottom is lavender... all looking a bit rustic!

While I have been waiting for them to be ready to use (I've had to be unusually patient!) I have been looking to start a mini business of my own - so I can make and make and make, but not have a house FULL of soap!

With the help of the Folksy forum I have decided on the name In a Lather and have had a logo being designed... its just being tweaked, so can't wait to have the final item - will post it when done!

So as I am sure you can imagine, I am very excited... now just to tweak my recipie and get it lab tested to sell in the new year...