Thursday, 11 November 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Blimey, I can't belive how long its been since I set up my blog... I really should have added updates by now, so I shall do it now!

I have been very busy since I first started on here... following my passion of soap making!

My mum first got me hooked when we went looking at Hobby Craft for a present for me from her and dad.  We found a melt and pour soap set, where basically you have the base pre made and add the extras you would like. I have really enjoyin make lots of different shapes, smells and colours from cupcakes to hearts.  However, once I was hooked I wanted to have a go at making the whole thing from sratch!

So six weeks ago I went on a fab workshop where we made cold process soap from scratch... I had so much fun and couldn't wait to get home and start getting creative with it all.

Since then I have made three different types including beer soap... blimey did it stink the house out! 

Here are some I have made (excuse the background of the pic - I was just playing!)

The top one is orange, grapefruit and rosehip flowers, the middle is just the oils - sunflower, olive and coconut and the bottom is lavender... all looking a bit rustic!

While I have been waiting for them to be ready to use (I've had to be unusually patient!) I have been looking to start a mini business of my own - so I can make and make and make, but not have a house FULL of soap!

With the help of the Folksy forum I have decided on the name In a Lather and have had a logo being designed... its just being tweaked, so can't wait to have the final item - will post it when done!

So as I am sure you can imagine, I am very excited... now just to tweak my recipie and get it lab tested to sell in the new year...


  1. Looks like fun. It`s great to have something you really enjoy doing. Linda

  2. Love the soaps, good luck with your future business xx